Humane Resourcing


Humane Resourcing


In rescent times trade has been a thing of situation, enabling buyers and sellers to communicate and execute business simlessly via the World Wide Web. This eased the tideon associated with doing business and has in a good way brought us all closer to every individual life and activity.

Humane Resourcing is the nexsus point of delivery of goods and services between buyers and sellers. It is the human touch to delivering goods and services avialble for sale by the producers and deliverable to the consumers.

Humane Resourcing is affilated to ANTORG Recruiters Limited, and is a basic entry point for personnel seeking to build a carrier through this platform by working their way up the succession ladder through dedication and hard work.

External customers

Our customers include companies, entraprenuers and households who seek to market/sell their goods and services to the general public. We are poised to take your goods and services to customers in the City and the suburbs using our facilities.


* A ware house.

* Work stations at the 5 sections in Lagos State.

*A motivated and trained work force.


* Facilitate the sale of your goods, increase the demand of your service.

* Introduce your goods/services to Nigeria.

* Do business with ease.

* Spend less time managing your personnel.

* Boost your sales and profit.

For enquiries call: 07055226645 or 08161351916.

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