Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry


BUCHI GEORGE, ESQ, LLB, LLM, MBA, JP,FME (Finance, Management, Administrative, Economics) A UNITED NATIONS AMBASSADOR ON MDG, A Trade, Investment, Development And Business EXECUTIVE . A Senior Special Adviser On Foreign Trade, Bilateral Trade Partnership , Inward Investment And Economic Affairs .A REFORMED EDUCATION, Good Governance ADVOCATE AND Child Education ACTIVIST. The Executive Director, Trade Nigeria, PRESIDENT, GLOBE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY,WORLD TRADE SUMMIT AND EXPO, WORLD RAILWAY EXPO, WORLD AGROWEEK AND EXPO, WORLD BILATERAL SECURITY CONFERENCE, BALTIC AFRICA TRADE COUNCIL, WORLD AUTOMOBILE EXPO, WORLD EXPORT CONFERENCE , Globe Economic And Trade Development Council, Transnational Trade and Commerce Centre, ASIA AFRICA Economic AND INVESTMENT Forum, CHAIRMAN /CEO, FOWCOM LIMITED, WITH Degree in LAW. And A major Focus on Business, Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange and Multi and Bilateral Cooperation, with Main interest in Trade Implementation’s, Supporting Economic Expansion And Multilateral Business And Trade Cooperation Through Joint Ventures And Trade Mission and Business Delegation of Industries, Investments and Commerce ,Bilateral Economic Partnership’s Among Nations For Mutual Economic Benefits And Encouraging Balance Trade , Increase in the Nations Foreign Direct Investment FDI Through ,BOOT,IPP, Through Public Private Joint Partnership projects And Agreements At All Government Levels, Enhancing Developmental projects, International Trade Development, Research And Inwards Investments. promotion of Economic Diplomacy ,Supporting ,Organized Private Sectors ,Industrial And Infraustural Development, Government Policies And Trade Negotiations, Strategic Planning And Management

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